Wintry Days


Wintry Days

Last weekend was the first snow days of this year here. The weather stations predicted 6 inches to 7 inches of snow accumulation. That was considered quite high for the typical wintry days in the area. Fortunately, the weather pattern changed the last minutes (ha! even mother nature changes her  mind the last minutes too). The snow accumulation was only about a couple of inches. Whew, that was a relieve for me. I am sure  that disappointed many many young kids who were excited about snow and were looking forward to have  fun days in the snow and school closes. At least they were not disappointed about the school closed on Monday after.

For me, I was glad and secretly thanked the nature’s last minute decision for not pouring pile of snow in the area. I was still nervous regardless. The temperature were near record low (it dipped into single digit degrees Fahrenheit) and reported near zero or actually zero on Sunday night. That raised any concern for not too young houses. Being stuck in the house during the time also made me felt like doing a jailed time from a rebellious mind. If power went out things could be worse. I think that could be quite the opposite for young kids who felt free from being off from school and just having fun… hmm.

Our nature is always strange, under the same situation some can be cheerful while some are dreadful.

Wintry Day - Color

Can we always have a cheerful mind in any situation we are in?