Bare Trees

Bare Trees

Nature is strange. She seems to have two sides. One strides for creation; with all wits to survive. The other is the master of chaos. She is skillful of destruction. Yet, no side ever truly wins. Eternally intertwine. Perhaps both serve the same purpose.

Observe her works on these bare trees. I am wondering. Will I ever understand her?


45 thoughts on “Bare Trees

    • YellowCable March 7, 2015 / 9:59 pm

      Thank you. Things around us sometimes make us think..


  1. ladysighs March 7, 2015 / 7:31 pm

    Our bare trees usually have little green buds of new creation by the end of February. Nothing in sight yet. 😦
    I am sure the many deer around our area have been extra cold this year. They will survive and we will be seeing the new fawns shortly. The cold freeze will destroy some of the insects around, but we will again see and feel many too.
    We just roll with nature. 🙂
    Lovely picture of the bare tree. 🙂

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    • YellowCable March 7, 2015 / 9:58 pm

      I know plants and trees are starting to come back. They are trying or rolling with nature 🙂 Thank you!

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  2. cindy knoke March 7, 2015 / 8:25 pm

    Oh this is brilliant, the photo and the thoughts and I do not know the answers!

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    • YellowCable March 7, 2015 / 9:57 pm

      Thank you. I just wish we could know some day 🙂


  3. LadyPinkRose March 7, 2015 / 10:51 pm

    I wonder the same, asking will I ever understand Nature? I think I do understand and aspect or two, but then something happens that puts me right on my butt. The mystery draws me continually as well as the powerful energy when one is aware. Great post, YellowCable. Thank you. Love, Amy

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    • YellowCable March 8, 2015 / 8:08 am

      You are right! It keeps us pondering and that I think is a good thing 🙂 Thank you Amy.

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      • LadyPinkRose March 8, 2015 / 11:21 am

        You are welcome, YellowCable! Hope your weekend is a good one! Love, Amy


  4. lulu March 8, 2015 / 10:58 am

    It may not be important to understand the miracles of nature. We can just accept them and be grateful.

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    • YellowCable March 8, 2015 / 8:38 pm

      Thank you very much, Otto. Definitely, mother nature is skillful..


  5. ventisqueras March 13, 2015 / 1:06 am

    l’inverno alza i suoi rami nudi al cielo come fossero una preghiera in attesa della primavera
    buongiorno amico caro!

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    • YellowCable March 13, 2015 / 6:42 pm

      That is a good way to look at this. Thank you.


  6. Charlotte Hoather March 14, 2015 / 5:54 am

    When I see bare trees like this it makes me think of veins and arteries of the body. Thank you for your thoughts 😊. Best wishes Charlotte

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  7. SuzyHazelwood March 14, 2015 / 10:17 pm

    Now, you should have tagged that poetry, because that’s what you wrote. So do you write poetry after all!! 😀 That’s quite beautiful and thought provoking!♥

    And the image – absolutely winter – shockingly bear! 😯 But not for long, I think the trees are already sprouting buds where I am at the moment. It’s been a very mild winter here, but has turned a little bitter recently – but at least no snow. Lots of my US blog friends are still buried in deep snow. How about you, is your weather warm as usual?

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    • YellowCable March 15, 2015 / 7:26 am

      No, no, I still do not think I can write poetry. I do admit that this one I consciously tried and I do not even know it is correct or not (^.^). Thank you for liking it. Many good influences here 🙂

      The trees around here are sprouting buds and leaves as well. This past winter (I hope it passes) was very cold. The temperature dropped into one digit (F degree) on a couple days during the last two weeks of Feb. There were one to two and three to four inches of snow during the time. I am so glad the weather just warms up and few sunny days now. I am so hungry for sun light and warmer days now 🙂


  8. SuzyHazelwood March 14, 2015 / 10:21 pm

    Sorry, I meant ‘you do write poetry after all!!!’ And I used the wrong bare – how embarrassing! That’s what happens when you can’t sleep and you think you’ll get up and do some reading and commenting at 2am in the morning – it all goes slightly wrong! 😉

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    • YellowCable March 15, 2015 / 7:06 am

      Oh, please don’t be. I do much worse and I hope that does not bother anyone :). I often find my errors after I post comments. I am not good at slowing down and proofreading 🙂 I wish I could re-edit after posting. It would be a nice feature that WordPress could add to allow error corrections or even a cancellation.

      BTW, I think the more you want to fall asleep the harder to fall asleep. It is something that we just have let it does on its own and do not worry or try 🙂


  9. nutsfortreasure March 16, 2015 / 7:41 pm

    I love them like this and in the fall covered in Orange, Red and Yellow 🙂

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  10. Dina March 23, 2015 / 3:31 am

    Lovely and thought provoking post. Mother nature is skillful, unpredictable and a strong force not to be ignored. Thanks for this words to ponder about.
    Wishing you a good start in the new week, Dina

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    • YellowCable March 23, 2015 / 8:27 pm

      Thank you Dina and please have a great week ahead too!


  11. niasunset March 23, 2015 / 3:44 am

    Takes me to in deep thoughts too… I think I am same as you about this. But at the end we all say that it is a matter of harmony… Thank you, I love trees… and I loved your photograph. Have a nice day and new week, love, nia

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  12. inesephoto March 27, 2015 / 8:09 pm

    Winter trees look stunning. Great image! Sorry, you commented on my post and your comment is gone… My blog is a chaos lately…

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  13. Dalo 2013 April 3, 2015 / 6:41 am

    I like this idea of Mother Nature having such extremes…you can never put one past her.
    Great photo that matches her moods.

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    • YellowCable April 3, 2015 / 10:14 pm

      I would hope we one day get to understand her more. Like your excellent “Ellinor, The Year of Goat, and Quantum Entanglement” that beautifully illustrates the beauty of nature along side of us attempts to understand the underlying mechanic of nature at the smallest scale. Thank you!


      • Dalo 2013 April 3, 2015 / 10:23 pm

        I do like that idea of the moods of Mother Nature, and our implicit understanding of her moods ~ maybe that is why we are so attracted to her; it is all pieces of us. Cheers to a great weekend!

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  14. Andrew May 18, 2015 / 3:11 pm

    A really beautiful image, accompanied by an insightful thought!

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