Winter is leaving…

For me winter is the time that I don’t feel like doing much of anythings. I keep watching up and down of the cold temperatures. After the peak of the winter has passed, I have been telling myself it is another minute longer day coming… I would be happier soon. 2 out of 3 the famous groundhogs predicted shorter winter (people say mostly they are wrong though). That sounds very good but I am developing a different feel now.  I want winter to last, may be just a little bit longer. I think I might have found things that I could be happy with during the time that I wished the time could move a little faster…  It feels like you’ve found few drops of water in hot desert.  Those few drops of water are your life extender, the treasures that you would never thought of possible. They are not easy to find for sure. Perhaps, it is our mind that so focuses on things are easily seen, those superficial things and deeper values are overlooked.

Only Missed The Sun (when it started to snow)

I have been listening to this song “Let her go” by Passenger and I like the lyrics. I missed the sun not only when it started to snow but also when it has been raining with grey sky in cold weather for week on out.  A break of warm sun light seems like a reward (Pic: January 2012, Down town Cary, NC. USA.).

Missed The Sun

You miss something when you face the unwanted opposite thing.

A Busy Snow Day (Weekend)

I thought this year there wasn’t any snow day.  Well, there was one that came during the night before but there was not really that much to be seen in the morning. I did not count that one. Today, it finally snowed for about a couple inches. That was about right to keep the tradition of the winter around here going (no more than this please). Despite the pouring snow, people were busy as usual or even busier …

Snow and Busy Weekend

It snowed!

Snow and Busy Day  2

The parking of the local supper market was packed.


The ground temperature was warm. The snow melted away quickly. I think that was a good thing.  I fear accumulations that turn into thick ice later.

Snow and Busy Weekend 4

Seemed like Christmas again.

Snow and Busy Weekend 5

Time to get inside.

Winter Kisses

So far the winter has been very mild to the area.  There were very few cold days and many nonseasonal warm days. It is quite unusual for this time of the year.  In a way, I am pleased with it.  It is better than heavy snow and ice.  Only sign of cold winter is frosty leaves on the ground in the morning … which soon (frost) melt by the warmth of the morning sun.  Hope it stays this way for the rest of the winter this year.

Frosty Leaves