Fun at SPARKcon 2013

I have heard of SPARKcon activities for awhile but I have not had a chance to see what they are all about. I did not have any interest about the event when I first heard of it a few years back.  I thought it was just some artists getting together and have their works displayed. There are many art show events around the area every now and then and thought this event just like others. I just left it at that.

This year, I happened to be in the area at night and did not expect the event took place early on.  Although there are no activities by most of the artists at the time except for performances but their works were there.  I learned one of the SPARKcon activities was artists came to create and showed their works live at the event.  Their works are incredible. I was impressed. I changed my early thinking about the event and wished I could see these artists early on and watch them creating the works.  Perhaps that is for next year. These are few bits from SPARKcon 2013.

This is the first piece of work that came across. She was my first impression. She was beautiful. The snake around her neck is a colorful accessory though I am a concern of its squeezing her neck 🙂

SPARKcon 2013 first lady

This is a view of canvas the SPARKcon artists put their work down.

SPARKcon 2013 - Long street arts

Beautiful long rainbow hair lady.

SPARKcon 2013 - Rainbow hair lady

Lively Octopus.

SPARKcon 2013 - Octopus

The mid way along the Fayetteville street hosted live performances where people circled around to watch. Kids and adults were enjoying the show.

SPARKcon 2013 - Street peformings

There was not much of a private back stage. The lovely lady was preparing to take the stage (street) next.

SPARKcon 2013 - Performer prepared for the show.

The performers just finished their turn.

SPARKcon 2013 - Performers walked out.

I am not sure what the role this man at the event but he stood there and kept people out of the way for the performers. He spot me with my camera and gave me a good pose for the photo.

SPARKcon 2013 - Guard?

These audiences enjoyed the events their own way…

SPARKcon 2013 - Fun along the side.

Another photog was getting some shots of the show.  He was more serious than  me.

SPARKcon 2013 - A photog.

People enjoyed the art works on the street.  I like how the young lady holding a form box and was trying to take a picture at the same time.

SPARKcon 2013 - People enjoyed art works.

You can also ride around in this. Looks like fun to get on one.

SPARKcon 2013 - Riding tour

I walked pass one of the restaurants on Fayetteville street. The menu looks interesting.

SPARKcon 2013 - Restaurant menu.

Some people must got there by bicycles.

SPARKcon 2013 - Bicycle parking.

I think I froze these people.

SPARKcon 2013 - Frozen

A SPARKcon sign

SPARKcon 2013 - Sign

This is how a restaurant keeps the chairs at night.

SPARKcon 2013 - Chairs.

This one isn’t related to the event. The object was just interesting to me.

SPARKcon 2013 - Fire hoses

I hope you have a bit of fun with me 🙂