Winter is leaving…

For me winter is the time that I don’t feel like doing much of anythings. I keep watching up and down of the cold temperatures. After the peak of the winter has passed, I have been telling myself it is another minute longer day coming… I would be happier soon. 2 out of 3 the famous groundhogs predicted shorter winter (people say mostly they are wrong though). That sounds very good but I am developing a different feel now.  I want winter to last, may be just a little bit longer. I think I might have found things that I could be happy with during the time that I wished the time could move a little faster…  It feels like you’ve found few drops of water in hot desert.  Those few drops of water are your life extender, the treasures that you would never thought of possible. They are not easy to find for sure. Perhaps, it is our mind that so focuses on things are easily seen, those superficial things and deeper values are overlooked.

Autumn Trees Along Sidewalk

These are trees along the sidewalk. I walk pass them everyday. Most of the time, I do not notice them. They’re just there; blend into the surroundings. Fall season makes them noticeable again. The leaves on them change color, so colorful and eventually fall off. They turn into leafless trees and … unnoticeable again.