Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower was the first place I went to see soon after I touched down in Tokyo many years ago. I was hoping to get there before it got too dark.  It was the around this time of the year or around starting of summer. The day light should  last a bit longer but on that day it got dark a bit sooner.  I thought would miss the opportunity to see the tower during the day time but I guess the near dark scene itself was worth seeing.

I have not put much thought about the tower at the time but remembering it from seeing it from old movies or TV series that had big monsters (Godzilla, etc.) came to destroy the city. I just read about it later that its purpose is for communications (television and radio broadcasts) and observations.

There are elevators to carry tourists up to the observatory decks. The elevator was decorated with colorful lighting fixture inside. I really like it when I stepped in. It gives feeling of cheerful and fun.

There are two main observatory decks. You can have good views over Tokyo from the decks. Tokyo was a busy place but one of the street below did not look too bad at the time.

Among modern tall buildings there are interesting Japanese style buildings into the mix. I wished I could ask some one about those buildings.

Part of the observatory deck floor stretches out a bit and was made with glass. They are looking windows. You can step over and see the ground right below your feet. It gave strange feeling that you stood on air and could fall at any moment (at least it is for me 🙂 ).  I noticed that the ground below do seem to have a playground (a little train track there).  You can also see a small antenna attached.

There is a shrine on the observatory deck. It is “Great Shinto Shrine of the Tower”. From what I read briefly that it is the place students come to pray for their success in entrance exam.

On the way back down,  the returning elevator places you on the floor that have small exhibition, souvenir and snack shops. The exhibition showed small models of old houses. I am not sure what the exhibition was about but only guess it probably shows the houses around the area a long time back (about the tower was built?).

The details of the model houses and the items that made up the place are incredible. I always love  seeing the small models since I was young. This exhibition is just  a great eye candy for me.

I could spend a lot of  time exploring this small world;  following this street,  that street looking at the shops, houses and be absorbed by their realistic details.  I hope you get a feel of them too.

This is one last snap – the queue lines to elevators to the observatory deck.  I hope you enjoy the tour of Tokyo Tower. Have a great Summer.