Summer Time and Few Moments of Coolness with Hydrangeas

Faint blueish Hydrangea

I always find hydrangeas refreshing to look. To me, they are summer time coolness flowers. Part of the name (hydra) means water. Although it means Hydrangeas need plenty water to glow well but they produce cool and refresh blooms in return.

I do not know that was because of their color tones or what else but I always feel refresh and coolness when I look at Hydrangea. The feeling may just be a flash of a moment or two but I know it is there. I guess I am biased because I love the flowers. They are just irresistible to me.

Hydrangea - gentle coolness

I hope these hydrangeas give you the fresh and coolness even though it is not Summer where you at 🙂


Banana Leaves

I have just recently heard a joke. “What was Beethoven’s favorite fruit?”.  The answer is “Banananaaaaaa!” (symphony #5).  I thought it was funny. That reminds me that I have few banana leaf pictures. It is also the summer time where banana trees thrive with fresh green leaves.

Banana leaves are quite useful and they are still used in certain parts of the world where banana trees thrive year round. They are good for food wrappers (so natural), serving plates or decorating. Bananas are good for you too. The “Banana Leaf” is also a common restaurant name. I went to one in CA and probably more in other places too.

For me, I like the yellowish green color of the leaves when they are young and turn deeper green as the leaves get older. They are signs of summer for me. Too bad, this year summer has just passed its peak. This year was mild and pleasant in particular.

Banana Leaf - 1

A second look at the leaf.

Banana Leaf - up

A bit of closer.

Banana leaf texture

I hope you enjoy your summer time where you are. I know for some, this is not summer (it is strange to think about it). These banana leaves can help warm you up 🙂