A Front Door Wreath

It is quite common to see people hang a wreath on their front doors through out the year. Some even do change them based on season or occasion. Wreaths give warm welcome feeling and a character to houses. They always draw my attention. This lovely one is on a front door of a near by neighbor. I think it is a welcome sign for spring.

Door Wreath

A Busy Snow Day (Weekend)

I thought this year there wasn’t any snow day.  Well, there was one that came during the night before but there was not really that much to be seen in the morning. I did not count that one. Today, it finally snowed for about a couple inches. That was about right to keep the tradition of the winter around here going (no more than this please). Despite the pouring snow, people were busy as usual or even busier …

Snow and Busy Weekend

It snowed!

Snow and Busy Day  2

The parking of the local supper market was packed.


The ground temperature was warm. The snow melted away quickly. I think that was a good thing.  I fear accumulations that turn into thick ice later.

Snow and Busy Weekend 4

Seemed like Christmas again.

Snow and Busy Weekend 5

Time to get inside.

Winter Kisses

So far the winter has been very mild to the area.  There were very few cold days and many nonseasonal warm days. It is quite unusual for this time of the year.  In a way, I am pleased with it.  It is better than heavy snow and ice.  Only sign of cold winter is frosty leaves on the ground in the morning … which soon (frost) melt by the warmth of the morning sun.  Hope it stays this way for the rest of the winter this year.

Frosty Leaves

Touch of Rain

I like the refresh feeling after a good rain. The one that gives good soaking wet every where. Of course, I do not mean the scary big stormy ones or non stop damaging rains.

This was a morning after a night long rain. The rain was a good one.  It not only gave an extra freshness feeling to the next morning but also gave me beautiful looks of that morning.

Though it was not the kind of rain that caused any real damage, it was hard enough for those fragile ones.

With that night long rain, this watering pot wouldn’t be missed for a few days. That was good thing.

Another harsh result of that night rain.