A Quick Tour of St. Augustine’s Church Galway

When I was in Galway a few years back, I always walked to Middle St. from my hotel to find dinner and enjoy the activities on Middle St. I have read people say Middle St. is “Time Square” of Galway. I think that is more charming than Time Square. I love the much smaller, friendly atmosphere and much more cultural around the area than Time Square. I have few pictures around the place which perhaps will be my future post but for this post I think I will take a few steps off Middle St. to a smaller side street St. Augustine St. to meet St. Augustine’s Church.

I was looking for a place to have dinner as usual.  This time I was convinced by two young man and woman holding signs pointing to an Indian restaurant through the Buttermilk Walk st. off the main street. I had quite lively and fun talking with the young adults. I was convinced to try out the restaurant they were advertising.

I followed them through Buttermilk St. and came out on St. Augustine St. The street was much quieter than Middle St. almost day and night. There were practically no people on the street at all.

The day was still young and I was in no rush for dinner. The street was really nice with small shops.

Cute bright green chairs and small table out side the shop

Pink bicycle

Book Store – I think they were closed at the time already but it looks like a nice book store to explore.

There I saw St. Augustine’s Church just across from Buttermilk alley.  I was not expect to get inside the church but the man stood at the church door spotted me. He seemed to read my mind that I was interested to come inside the church. He looked at me and quickly  encouraged me go on inside and look around. That was very kind invitation. I could not resist.

I stepped inside the church. The 2 or 3 people before me were stepping out as I was in. The church turned absolute quiet.

The church is arranged in antiphonal fashion with seats facing toward the central aisle. There is a altar in the middle and a Presider’s chair behind.

There was a lectern as well. The altar, the Presider’s chair and the lectern are made of more than 5000 years old Croatian oak wood according to the church booklet. From the look, they are very beautiful big solid wood.

After a quick  view of the inside of the church, I stepped to the left side of the church. This is where I met the Pieta.  Look to the right to the opposite side of the church shows elegant support structure of the church.

The cedar wood strip ceiling brings the soft and natural feel to the inside rather than all concrete structure.

There are decorating pieces along the wall.  There are carved heads of twelve apostles preside over the side of the aisles. I continued to walk along the left wall of the church toward the opposite end.

At the end of the left side aisle locates shrine of the Sacred Heart. Again, the wooden strip ceiling is above. I do not know the meaning of those color paper hanging on the trees in front of the shrine but I do like them. They reminded me of the similar arrangement I saw while I was in Tokyo before. I am guessing these may be the written wishes.

This is the point to turn to the right of the church. The right is the middle of the church where you can see the high altar at the center of the church.  The high altar is made from Carrara marble.

The stained glass was the work of George Walsh from Dublin.

I looked back to see the church from the center toward the entrance. The point of view let me see the beautiful pipe organ on the second floor.  From the look of such beautiful pipe organ, I would love to hear its sound.

The church look very spacious and airy.  From this view, you can see the lectern at the other end. I quite like this arrangement. By this time, I felt that I’ve spent too long already and this was around the closing time of the church. Time to leave the church.

Steps from the front door to the street level.

Now, it was time for the dinner.  The restaurant was a quick right turn when I stepped down to the street level to the left of the church.  I was glad to listen to the young advertisers on the Middle street. It was more than just getting to the restaurant but an unexpectedly memorable trip to St. Augustine’s Church in Galway.  The food was great as well.

I  hope you enjoy the quick tour of the St. Augustine’s Church in Galway.