Fall in Spring

Fall in Spring

Fall can happen in Spring too. It is different kind.  It is gentler.  It is a sign of starting new, fresh and cheerful.

Spring does not happen everywhere but I am sure there is always season for starting new, fresh and cheerful just the same. Where ever you are, I hope you find joys in every season you have.


Changes We Love

Changes are part of the nature. Everything is changing but most of the time we do not care about them. The notable one that we often notice is when unexpected changes occur and they lead to unfavorable result to us.  We have tendency to resist changes; we want things to keep on doing as they have been doing.  They yet keep on changing on us.  We do not welcome these sort of changes. “Agg, my car’s engine just quits!”.

Spring, Changes We Love 1

Of course, we also often heard people suggest “you need changes”, “go take a break for a while”, etc.  These are changes we create to have certain out come one form or another. They are somewhat controlled changes. We need this kind of change from time to time to make us better. Even when thing has been doing so well for a long time, we sometimes need to add change to see if it can be better, to improve or just to keep us happy (we are bored).

Not all of these needed controlled changes are liked by everyone in every situation either. Sometimes the results can not be clearly predicted. Sometimes, we need strong courage to make such changes.

Spring, So Alive.

Are there any changes we like and in particular the changes that we do not even introduce? I am sure there are a number of them.  The very obvious ones that are occurring everywhere here are Spring changes.  I am quite sure that everyone love changes that it brings.

Spring, beautiful changes.

Changes in Spring are amazing, beautiful and so alive. They are the work of nature. We may not recognize or look at changes in Spring from the perspective of changes but they are for certain changes. They are not only just beautiful but they are also absolutely needed, not just for us but for every living things around us. Changes we love, Spring.

Happy Easter

Pink Azaleas

I saw few wonderful blogs about pictures with pink color in them for fun. I am not officially joining the weekly fun theme but they inspire me a bit to follow along with pink azalea pictures.

Azaleas are another spring flowers that you will hardly miss around where I live.  I would say most houses around here have them in the yards. Pink azaleas seem to be most common but they can come in white, blood red or other shades too.

Pink Azalea

Azaleas are not the early bloomer in spring and they are not the late bloomer either. At this time, the flowers already turned brown and are falling off.

Azalea peeking

Azalea has meany meanings depending culture. In China, azalea is a symbol of womanhood and the whole plant means “the thinking home” bush.

Azalea - symbol of womanhood.

I can relate to a symbol of womanhood very easily.  I think many people would agree with the symbol of womanhood especially the pink ones. Aren’t they pretty?

Azalea - closer.

I have a bit of trouble relating azalea to the “the thinking of home” meaning. The bush can be quite dense and could be trimmed into nice shapes. That could make good decorating plants around perimeter. I guess these characteristic of azalea make them suitable grown around houses as bushes. I guess the “the thinking of home” could make some sense this way.

Azalea - temperance

In the west, azalea represents temperance. This is also a very good meaning.  I quite like this meaning. The meaning that reminds you to take thing in moderation or to be self-restraint.  We can use good reminders from time to time from pink azaleas 🙂


If you have seen dogwoods blooming you know how pretty they are. Around here I see white dogwood trees and pink ones. Both are so pretty. I cannot choose which one I like more if you ask.  The individual flower is quite simple with strange petal shape even. Perhaps these make them pretty – I say less is more in this case.

  Many places have dogwood festivals. I do not know how the tradition started and what it is for but I guess because of their beauty (or perhaps people were just looking forward to have fun anyway). I have never been to one but I think from now on I will try to attend one when an opportunity permits.

Here are some for you to see and I hope you enjoy them as I do.

Dogwood flowers

A pretty dogwood tree.

A dogwood - simple but nice.

A single dogwood flower.

Dream of dogwoods

“I dream of dogwood”

Dogwood and Insects

Dogwood and Insects (Insects also enjoy dogwood and even more delicious way)

Dogwood and The Insect (one more)

One more with the insect (the other pesky friend has gone – now this is all mine)

One more time dogwood

The last one.

Spring is Frolicking

Sometimes to enjoy something, you need to slow down, you need to see how it progresses on its own, you are in the back seat and just observe. That is how I see Spring this year.  I see Spring is moving, unfolding. I see how she organizes herself.  Her first playful work this year is Daffodils. So refreshing…

Daffodils the early Spring raiser

Daffodils - Bright yellow of spring

Daffodils - Emerge from the darknessSpring is frolicking

Young Roses And Not Too Young Roses

Spring started here, I meant not by calendar marking but the actual nature markers. Colors, sun light, longer days, and the mild weather are the real markers.  I recalled… an afternoon. It was not an afternoon in spring but it had most of those spring signs.

This was a bright afternoon. Roses were budding and blooming. Not all of them were, however. Some were already in full bloom even worn and fade. Nevertheless, they made the afternoon so great.

Budding Roses and Torns

Budding Roses

Blooming Rose

A blooming young rose.

Not so young roses

Not so young roses

Someone once pointed this part of the poem to me:

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying…”

 By Robert Herrick, To The Vergins to Make Much of Time