I got a PhotoBomb! But I like it..

Handsome Lizard Photobomb

When I was in a park somewhere in southern part of Thailand along time back, I came across this beautiful vines that grew on the base of a very very big tree there. The shape of leaves and how the vines formed looked so gracious. It drew my attention. I took the picture. I checked the camera to see if picture has focus where I pointed to.  The picture was great; I thought. I was happy.

When I got home and viewed the picture with normal size computer screen, I was so surprised.  There was Mr. Lizard handsomely stood few inches away from my main subject. Aggrr!! I was disappointed but not because of Mr. Lizard planted a photobomb on me.  I was disappointed that I did not see him and I could take a picture of him instead. He did such a great job blending with the surrounding (he was designed for that). He could be my supper star in that picture.

I like the picture nevertheless 🙂