Washed Away Sand

Washed Away Sand

Last waves have just receded.

They washed away sand.

Leaving behind streaks.

Streaks are like scars.

Scars that won’t last long.

Just  like anything built on sand.

The next waves could heal the scars.

Or create new scars.

When I was young, I remember that I loved building sand castles (who does not like to do that?). I learned that waves would wash it away. I tried hard to protect my castle from the water, the waves. You can guess that it was fruitless efforts but as a young child it was fun. It was fun building it and protecting it.

Summer has peaked. It was hot and sunny this year.  People have taken time off to the beaches or elsewhere.  I hope you find some time off and have a great summer time (or winter time for those who live in the southern hemisphere) 🙂