It rains and rains…

Rained on Knock out rose bush

It rains and rains. For many days it rains and rains. Not pouring down heavy but long and lasting, it is torturing.

Day and day of grey skies, my thirst of sun light increases. If I were a vampire, I would be a vampire of light.

At night, my mind was unsettled from uncertain of tomorrow.  At least, it was calmed down by the sound of the soft rain outside.

Fell asleep, hoping tomorrow would be brighter.

Touch of Rain

I like the refresh feeling after a good rain. The one that gives good soaking wet every where. Of course, I do not mean the scary big stormy ones or non stop damaging rains.

This was a morning after a night long rain. The rain was a good one.  It not only gave an extra freshness feeling to the next morning but also gave me beautiful looks of that morning.

Though it was not the kind of rain that caused any real damage, it was hard enough for those fragile ones.

With that night long rain, this watering pot wouldn’t be missed for a few days. That was good thing.

Another harsh result of that night rain.