Souvenirs From Summer

“Have you been busy?   My dental hygienist casually started conversion as I began to lay down on the dental chair.  “Summer is short isn’t it?” She continued.

“I have. Oh,  yes, summer is short indeed.” I replied to her. Her questions got my mind lost in thought about this past summer.  It stuck in a loop trying to search for a big thing or two that stood out from this past summer. The seeming useless loop quickly ended once it heard her voice instructed me to turn my head a little bit for her. Yeah, the usual scare of dental operations was its new focus 🙂

Even there was no bit excitements, I definitely enjoyed this past summer very much.  There were few little and simple things that let me effortlessly flow with time. I don’t feel this summer has just passed by so quickly or I don’t feel that I am about to miss it as it was in the past years.

Seeing autumn has shown her signs, I definitely will miss long and bright days of summer but I will not feel strong resistance from missing those days.  Still, it is still good to have few nice memories from summer before moving deeper into autumn. These little purple flowers are souvenirs from summer. As a tradition  of traveling goes, it is good to have souvenirs from the places you visited.  Some things to remind you of those places or time.

I hope everyone had a joyful summer… and a nice welcome to autumn!