A Place for Distancing


We are supposed to stay home and keep distancing, social distancing.  I am glad to hear some parts of the world are getting better. Complete solution to keep every one safe from this corona virus pandemic is still far away. This picture just caught my attention. The beach front here has few benches to sit. That is perfect to be for enjoying outdoor and isolate. It is a bit unusual when come to think about it.

Please stay safe and stay healthy, mentally and physically.


Summer Time and Few Moments of Coolness with Hydrangeas

Faint blueish Hydrangea

I always find hydrangeas refreshing to look. To me, they are summer time coolness flowers. Part of the name (hydra) means water. Although it means Hydrangeas need plenty water to glow well but they produce cool and refresh blooms in return.

I do not know that was because of their color tones or what else but I always feel refresh and coolness when I look at Hydrangea. The feeling may just be a flash of a moment or two but I know it is there. I guess I am biased because I love the flowers. They are just irresistible to me.

Hydrangea - gentle coolness

I hope these hydrangeas give you the fresh and coolness even though it is not Summer where you at 🙂