Mr. Copperhead Visit

Mr. Copperhead Visit

It was about this time last year that I had a surprised visit. Mr. Copperhead visited me.

This Mr. Copperhead thought he has found a nice cool and safe place for a summer afternoon rest (he could actually be “she” but in order to find that out I believe I needed to get more intimate with him/her — let’s better assume “he” for now 🙂 ). Well, unfortunately for him (and for me) the place happened to be underneath my garbage can.  Not so good idea for both of us but I did not blame him a bit.  The cool and peaceful place was no longer a peaceful one as I pulled the garbage can out for a weekly pick-up.  I was sure he was disappointed while I was so …. freaked out. Mr. Copperhead was less than few feet away from my feet. Aggrrr! … jumped … brain froze etc …

Mr. Copperhead was calm and perhaps was only a bit surprised by a sudden exposed to sunlight and saw a real scared looking man standing a few feet away. We looked at each other for a couple moments. Mr. Copperhead remained calm. He looked like a gentlesnake.  Good! That helped me calm down (but not by much) to allowed me quickly got on my feet to run … ah, hmm … to get my camera from the house 🙂 .

I am definitely a gentleman as well but in this case I had to be a bit less and took few pictures of him without I asking his permission.  I do not know snake’s language. I would if I could 🙂

We parted in a good way. I am sure I will see him or his kind again (as usual around here) but I hope not to get too close as with this visit again… 🙂

Note:  I can understand now why people call “copperhead”. The head of the snake is bright copper color.  I think Mr. Copperhead here is quite handsome. Don’t you think so?