Peacefulness In Darkness

I love to go into work quite early if I could. I really love it when no one is there and the work place is still quite dark. Of course, the place is not in total darkness. The hall way lights and and the faint blue early morning light from the glass windows around are the sources of light that keep the place from complete darkness. The main light that lights up my desk is the light from the monitor sitting in front of me. It comes alive when I wake up the computer routinely in the morning. ¬†For a good while until others arrive and all the lights are turned on, I’ve found temporary peacefulness in the dark and from the place that I would not normally imagine would be possible. For such days, I feel I have immunized myself against any craziness from the rest of the day.

I hope you find peacefulness in some way in your daily life from time to time.