Leisurely Sunday Morning

Leisurely Sunday Morning

Basked by soft and warm sun light

Touched by gentle breeze

Muffled by the sound of small waves

 Lost by limitless ocean in front

New thoughts lessened

Raging mind slowed down

Content and joy slowly raised

What a Leisurely Sunday Morning..

Sunday morning is the time that I usually feel there are little less things on my mind (not always though :)). Actually, that is a also true for Saturday but it is rather a starting of winding down feeling (and that is another story).


Ooops! Wait a second, what ? There is a thing to prepare for tomorrow. .. arggg..”

Hope you have a great Sunday!


A Morning Over Atlantic

It was a morning flight across Atlantic ocean from UK to US.  The Sun was already high in the sky but it was still giving its soft golden light over the clouds and the sea below.. I was sitting by the window seat watching this beautiful scene slowly passing by. I felt so refreshing and peaceful. The sight wiped out my sleepiness and tiredness from the trip.

Behind the wing

The cloud opened up to show the calm water below.

Over the open cloud

Nothing lasts forever, the show was ending.

Leaving the trail behind

I could not resist a cup of coffee to complete the morning.

A morning cup of coffee

I am not sure now what the rest of the flight was. I was probably picking up an easy Sudoku problem from the airline magazine to solve and finishing the coffee 🙂