A Visit to NC Museum of Art

The North Carolina Museum of Art has a long history. Its history begins in 1924 and was located near Raleigh capital. I did not pay much attention to the place until NCMA moved to the new place and got modernized. That prompted my visit to the place during the first opening week at the new place (current) in 2010. I visited the place only few times after that. Lately I have been thinking about going back and see new exhibition and the other parts of the museum but have not gone there yet due to my forgetfulness, cold weather and many other excuses etc. This Sunday morning, the thought of going back came back to me again. I am not sure that I would visit the place again today or not but a least I bring the old experiences of the place to share here.

NCMA - Painful flightsI was fascinated by this art piece. I was wondering what it means (I sure there was a written up about her but I did not read it and any pieces here too :)). I feel the lady pilot was it pain;  mental than physical even there are planes plunge into her body.

NCMA - a swordThis sword handle and the sheath are beautifully decorated.  It looks quite old and worn out but those beads are still bright and colorful.

NCMA - Wall of heads

This wall is full of sculpture of human heads or faces. Each head piece is not much of interest to me but how all of them are put together on the wall makes up a completely different experience.

NCMA - Mona Lisa

This Mona Lisa piece is what I think where art meets science. The art part is the actual Mona Lisa image made by putting different colors of thread spools and put on the wall.  At close distance from the wall, one may not realize what it is but with the glass crystal ball acting as a wide angle lens the Mona Lisa picture appears. Cool.

NCMA - Viewers

A couple enjoyed one of the art piece.

NCMA - Another one of viewer

The painting portrays a very happy family and a very perfect one. At least that how I felt from the colors tone, members of the family interacting with each other and a family pet. I believe the man felt the same.

NCMA - Cafeteria

In side the museum has as section that set aside that looks like a cafeteria or perhaps more of restaurant. The tables and chairs arranged nicely in rows.  It is interesting to see that only table for two are their default setting.  I guess visiting an art museum is considered as a romantic outing. Oh, each table had two fresh tulips as well. Nice.

NCMA - Animated tree

This is an animation of a tree. The animated picture of a tree is projected on a blank wall near the cafeteria. You can stand and watch the tree swaying and changing its colors. It is very creative.

NCMA - King?

I was so amazed by seeing the details of the fabrics in this painting – surreal! I am wondering how much time the artist took to create this. One must have an amazing passion for such creation.

NCMA - A Beautiful woman

I would say this is my most favorite piece there at the time. Simply, she is beautiful.

NCMA - A man on the wall

This man can glow in the dark. He was placed near the entrance.  I spotted him as I was about to leave. An interesting piece and I also like it.


This is the last picture from NCMA that I have for this post. Hope you have little of fun along.