‘A Bit of Wiggle Room’ banner star.

I would like to introduce the ‘A Bit of Wiggle Room’ banner star (above). I met him (may be her) some time ago when I visited Historic Oak View County Park in Raleigh NC. I am not sure the park hires him to greet visitors or he just felt the place is his. I spotted him around first. He eventually came to greet me as a good host would. He even walked along with me when I was around at the park.  I felt warm welcome by this fellow.

I used a picture of him for the ‘A Bit of Wiggle Room’ banner from the beginning and have not changed since. It was a fond memory and I just like show few better pictures of him.

Historic Oak View Country Park Host

Here is the good look at the star of ‘A Bit of Wiggle Room’. He just posed nicely for me to take picture. He is a pure smoky cat (smoky color is one of my favorite color for cats). I hope you agree that he is quite handsome in this picture.

Historic Oak View County Park - Host walking along

You may recognize the picture above as it is the banner of the ‘A Bit of Wiggle Room’. This is a bit better version than the banner. Here he was walking along side me around in the barn house. That made me feel special 🙂

I think it is good to remember a long time friend once in a while. It is too bad that I did not get his name. Anyway, I hope you like the ‘A Bit of Wiggle Room’ banner star 🙂