Sometimes words are better not be said.

Let it be silent.

Let it be kept to inner thoughts.

Then let it just pass.

Only let it belong to only you, to be beautifully kept for as long as you can remember.

I hope you all be well and happy.

Yellow Cable 🙂


Not All Memories Are Fading

Recently, I was going through old pictures taken many many years ago to keep the disk space reasonable. It was not an easy process to decide which ones should remain or which ones should go to recycle bin and ever ever gone. This is at least for me (perhaps I am a hoarder). Many times, I found pictures that I did not touch at all from the beginning look kind of good now. On the contrary is also true, I found many that I thought was good and spent efforts working on them and now they don’t look that great. Decision is hard and it can wear you out (it did it for me).

Another thing that I discovered or realized while going through the old pictures is how I recall those moments the pictures capture. The pictures only help bringing back stories or what sorts of emotion at the moments. The mind images of them are vague, narrow and in bits and pieces. It is hard to see them clearly again (except for those who have picture perfect memory). It was like reading the summaries of those time again rather.

This picture of a young girl just stood out among many that it was about what is left in my memory. I almost threw it away at first and after so many years I am glad that I didn’t. Not that it is a great picture but the stories that it can help bringing back. I was at the party and seeing her having a great time. Everything was fun to her. She was simply running around people, hiding behind chairs with non stop smiling and laughing with other kids at similar ages. I was having fun watching her and other kids without having much thoughts other than trying to get few pictures of her and other kids.

The picture summarizes the story behind the moment it captured. The summary of the story also makes me sees how our mind perceives things we wanted in order to have fun or happiness as we grow older. Simple thing that can make you happy does not seem to be seen around anymore. I know this is our nature but once in a while it is good to try to enjoy simple things in life.

Please have a great and fun summer (or winter if you live down under) and look for simple things to enjoy!