I am in Ireland (… and there is no snake here).

A little story for a cold winter morning:

I had a great chance to visit Galway, Ireland back in 2015. The hotel that I was staying is near a beautiful lake (it is  Lough Atalia lake – I am not sure it is a lake though). I had a thought to get a good view of the lake one of the mornings there.  The first few mornings were a bit disappointed from the cloudy skies and some rain. Finally, a great break with sunshine and  clear blue sky morning came. Yes!

Just right across the road running along the hotel, I saw this great view of a railroad bridge across the lake against a great blue sky.  Great, I needed to get a little closer … but …there was one little problem. There were tall grasses along the bank of the lake.  A big snake thought started flashing in my mind!!  I have (bad) snake phobia. “There is no snake in Ireland, right ?” I asked myself.  A calmer thought tried to reason.  “Yeah, that must be true. Everybody says that.”. “OK, let go then”.  After these few moments of the hesitation, I went deeper into the tall grasses and knelt down taking the picture (with still faintly fear in mind) 🙂

I was happy that I did and walking back to the hotel was a bit easier than the other way.

Please stay warm for those who live in wintry climate and be safe from the flu (it is very bad this year in the US).