Feeling Happy Blue

I have read questions about why we use “feeling blue” to describe sad or depressed feeling.  Some are based on medical reasons that when our body is starved of oxygen can turn our body bluish. When you were hit with a blunt object your skin could turn deep blue or black. You are in pain or uncomfortable from these conditions. I guess these probably good good reasons people associated sad or depressed with “blue”.

There are many good reasons for blue color is associated with completely opposite feelings too such as  happiness, calm and relax.  For me, I have stronger  association to these feelings with color blue than the other way.  Blue sky draws my eyes to it almost every single time. It calms my thoughts all of the sudden for a brief moment.

Sipping my morning cup of coffee, listening to my favorite songs and writing this post on a Saturday morning make me have quite happy blue at the moment.

“I don’t like this livin’, I love it
Sweet magnolia blue sky up above it 
I don’t call Corolina just a place I visit 
I call Carolina home”

“Life’s Too Short” by Darius Rucker