At King’s Cross St. Pancras Station

King’s Cross St. Pancras Station is the biggest interchange station in London. It is also where you can go to other countries from London by train. The station is beautiful from outside to inside. The architecture is well blended of modern functional train station serving fast trains and the English style building from the outside.  No wonder that the place is often seen as part of advertise or movie scenes.

The station has another significance than those conventional senses. The thought did not occur to me before until I got there. How could I forget.. The station is also the famous train station that Harry Potter got on a train to Hogwarts school of wizard! The place is real! It must be the same feeling of a child that sees Disneyland and thinking the places and characters from fairy tales are real.

It was too bad that I was a bit groggy from travel far the day before when I was there to catch a train. I missed doing a bit more looking around or searched for the famous platform 9 and 3/4. I wanted to try to get through the  magic wall there. However, I was looking for wizard families there and I think I saw one or two 🙂

King's Cross St. Pancras Station from outside

 A street view of the station. I like that back taxi.

 King's Cross inside wall.The transition of the roof structure meets the red brick outside wall.  I like the well blend of the modern construction and older style.

King's Cross roof structure

The roof has clear opening to let the natural light into the station below.

King's Cross's roof structure another view

I could not help taking a closer look at the roof 🙂

King's Cross - two ladies walking along the train.

A couple of lady muggles walked along the Eurostar train. This was on the upper floor of the station.

King's Cross - Eurostar train

The famous Eurostar train.

Searcys St. Pancras Grand

Searcys St. Pancras Grand is a fancy restaurant. I did know about this place when I was there otherwise I would have taken another closer look.  Beautiful doors!

King's Cross - Travelling family

Now, I think I spotted wizard families having breakfast.

King's Cross - A flower shop.

A lovely flower shop at the station. I like those flowers in the paper bags placed on the floor.

King's Cross - Fruit store.

This is a fruit store. It makes the station different than any airports that I have seen. It made me feel more of inside a supper market or a mall rather. I wanted to try one of those apples.

King's Cross - Police

A gentle police was helping a traveler.

King's Cross - family looking around.

The lovely young girl and her mother seemed to be looking around. Definitely a wizard family 🙂

Hope you have a little fun at King’s Cross St. Pancras station with me.