Stuffs from A Nightmare

A Stuff from A Nightmare

When I saw this tree, the first impression I had was it was a scare looking tree. It could be a thing that you ran into in your nightmare. The surrounding thick fog and still early morning light were probably the major factors contributing to its scariness. I saw it again not too long ago in a clear broad daylight and it is just a poor looking tree.

I do not remember that I’ve ever dreamed of any trees before. When I was a boy growing up, I recalled dreaming about ghost chasing me. Ghosts have not visited me in my dream for a long time now. I guess that is because I now feel that they are like you and me. Would it be nice to befriend one? 😉  My nightmares recently were more of getting caught in a repeat loop of thoughts that I was unable to break out. They are not scary (not at the surface anyway) but cause tiredness and restlessness later. I do not like that.

I hope this does not cause anyone a nightmare. The Halloween is coming soon. It is around the time we can talk about scary things a little bit. 🙂


Halloween is about here. To me it is the celebration for young kids. I love seeing those (not so) scary decoration items that people put around their homes. People bought candies in preparation to give away on the Halloween night (and for themselves too 🙂 ).  Hearing young kids sweet voice saying “Trick or Threat” and seeing them in costume are so delightful.  It is such a joy.

Halloween Decorating Item - Boo!

The happy Mr. Jack O Lantern and the cute Ghost (and a bat too).

Halloween - Scarecrow

I am not sure crows will be scared by this cute scarecrow. I wouldn’t.

Halloween - Skeleton needs help

I feel this skeletor needs help getting up from being buried too deep in the ground.  Too bad, I was handful 🙂

Halloween - Angry bird pumpkins

These are my favorites pumpkins – Angry bird characters.

Halloween - Lester

Poor Lester who is not in peace.

Halloween - Forgotten staff

A witch must have forgotten her staff.

Happy Halloween Everyone!