There you are!

This is an American green tree frog. I recall seeing them only a couple of occasions at night. They came to get their evening meal (those insects flying around the lamp). I am quite sure they are out there more often than I can count. I do not like to go out and check things out at night (I am afraid to run into another kind of fellow that has no leg and also loves to eat frogs).

This time was not even at dusk yet and this fellow showed up. He must have heard about this 4 star rated restaurant and wanted to make sure he has a good sitting place or perhaps he had a date and wanted to show his date that he was punctual.  For me, I do not really plan to make any profit out of the restaurant for tree flog population nearby but I was glad to meet this early bird customer during the day time. He was patiently waiting and did not make any fuss or sound. The best part to me was he did not mind me taking pictures of him.  He simply hung there smiling happily at me. In return, I gave him and his date to dine without any charges. Good deal 🙂