Fall in Spring

Fall in Spring

Fall can happen in Spring too. It is different kind.  It is gentler.  It is a sign of starting new, fresh and cheerful.

Spring does not happen everywhere but I am sure there is always season for starting new, fresh and cheerful just the same. Where ever you are, I hope you find joys in every season you have.


Red Leaves on The Ground

Fall, Fallen Leaves

One thing that I like about Fall is its beauty can extend down to the ground. Fallen leaves that scatter around on the ground can also be so pretty. Those still bright and colorful fallen leaves help amplify the beauty the scene.

Some say Fall is the second Spring.  I think I agree to that but I also feel Fall moves at a faster pace, is more dramatic and has a bit of sadness. Perhaps that is how a great thing should end, likes a great firework show that ends with quick bursts of grand explosion…

Fall Is Slipping Along

I do not feel like fall has started. It seems like summer does not want to leave and fall does not want to come.  Fall actually has been moving right along.  Leaves are falling everywhere but they do not quite remind me of the season. I was expecting to see more of flowers of fall – Mums. They seem to be in hiding or actually seem to not strive well (or at least around the neighborhood here) this year.  Fews still try, however.

Daisy Mums - Into The Darkness

Into The Darkness

Daisy Mums and Busy Bumble Bee

Daisy Mums and A Bumble Bee

Daisy Mums!

Daisy Mums!

Hope you find small enjoyment of changing season wherever you are.

Yates Mill County Park NC

The Yates Mill County Park in NC is off to the south of Raleigh, the capital of NC. The park is full of natural beauty that draws many photographers ranging from family to serious wild life photography.

The Park features the only remaining gristmill in Wake County. The old mill on Steep Hill Creek that we today call Yates Mill has stood on its foundation since the 1750s, despite disasters including floods, hurricanes, war and neglect. Today the mill is fully restored and operable.

Fall season brings even more colors to the park.

Bush of weeds or grass grow around the packing area of the park.

There are old gears, wheels etc. laid around the  I guess they are old part of the mill.

A small creek leads to the wood near the mill.

The Mill.

The mill sits near the lake which is the center of the park.

Trees over the mirror like lake surface.

The lake at the center of the park.

Wooden area around the park.

Lotus grow under the tree shade.