Eiffel Tower

Summer time is the time for travelling somewhere. It is time for vacation for most. Many of my colleagues at work are having plan to go on their vacation somewhere and some already have gone and back. I love to ask them how things go with their plan, where they are going, why they choose such places etc. These get me in the mood of going somewhere too. At least they remind me about my trip to Paris a few years ago..

I remembered well that Eiffel tower was the place that came to mind after I settled in a hotel room late evening¬† in Paris. I guess for some reasons, I gravitated to big towers ( looking back, Tokyo tower was the first place I went to see when I was in Tokyo too). I’ve seen Eiffel tower in movies, TV shows etc.¬† so many times before. I was eager to see it real life.

From the far way view as shown in most movies or shows, the tower stands tall as a hallmark of the city and it gives so romantic views of Paris. Seeing it in close up, my view transforms to a very different view. It is such a wonderful engineering marvel. It impressed me of careful calculations and execution at all levels to support such large and tall structure ( it was the tallest man-made structure in the world, a title it held for 41 years).

Those are just parts of my impression. Another part is the artistic part of the creation. Having great engineering design that includes human experience or form is not an easy endeavor.¬† Eiffel tower possesses a perfect balance between “form” and “function” in the modern days’t term.

For people who come to see the tower, the area around the tower is made like a park (I guess) with big lawn and big trees for shades. When you come to visit the tower, you can take your spot to sit down and relax for awhile.

It was a little bit too bad that I did not have a chance to see the tower at night when it was dark. But even such a short time visiting the tower, it has given me another perspective and impression.

Hope you a great summer time whether you stay home or journey somewhere.