If you have seen dogwoods blooming you know how pretty they are. Around here I see white dogwood trees and pink ones. Both are so pretty. I cannot choose which one I like more if you ask.  The individual flower is quite simple with strange petal shape even. Perhaps these make them pretty – I say less is more in this case.

  Many places have dogwood festivals. I do not know how the tradition started and what it is for but I guess because of their beauty (or perhaps people were just looking forward to have fun anyway). I have never been to one but I think from now on I will try to attend one when an opportunity permits.

Here are some for you to see and I hope you enjoy them as I do.

Dogwood flowers

A pretty dogwood tree.

A dogwood - simple but nice.

A single dogwood flower.

Dream of dogwoods

“I dream of dogwood”

Dogwood and Insects

Dogwood and Insects (Insects also enjoy dogwood and even more delicious way)

Dogwood and The Insect (one more)

One more with the insect (the other pesky friend has gone – now this is all mine)

One more time dogwood

The last one.