Del’s Freez and Good Old Time

Going back to the place where you had good time always brings back the old happy feelings. The place does not need to be anything extraordinary.  It could just be a plain, simple local store down the street, any place at all. The relationship you had with the place is all that matter.

Dal's Freez sign

Del’s Freez is one of those places for me. I used to go to Del’s Freez for a scoop of cold ice cream on Saturday night during summer time. It is not a fancy ice cream place. It is rather old fashion than most common ice cream places in town. They just have a serving booth.  There are tables and benches in the open next to the booth just for those who want to sit there.

Del's Freez people lined up

The place is just right on the US 1 highway. People can pulled in their cars from the highway and park next to the place. Some folks order the ice creme and go back to enjoy their ice creme in their cars.

Del's Freez parking lot

I visited Del’s Freez again a few years back on Saturday night in summer again. Del’s Freez is just the same; plain, simple and still very affordable. The new paint job seems to be the only thing that keeps the place going along. I was there at the right time and was able to enjoy the fantastic Florida’s summer sky.

Del's Freez menu

The items on the menu look about the same. They are just common items; nothing fancy. I like the slogan “Del’s, The Ice Cream Man. The Sweetest Man in Town”.

Peaking inside Del's Freez serving booth.

I think I agree with the slogan.

Del The Ice Creme Man

It was like the old days. I enjoyed a small ice creme cone, relaxed and watched families with cheerful children hanging around…the good old time.

Do you have such a place?