Flights Over To Las Vegas

About a year and a half ago, I had a chance to go to a convention in Las Vegas. It was also the first time for me to join any convention in Las Vegas.  Although I had been to the city before but it was a long time ago. One of my most anticipated about the trip other than to learn from the convention was the scenery during the flight over canyons from the east. I was having a different anticipation about the flights over than before.

My luck was with me. I had window seats on all the flights over to Las Vegas (I love window seat). The flight was also during the daylight . The schedule and the seats were perfect as I could hope for.

Waiting on the plain to take offI was settled in my window seat and waiting for the plan to take off.  There was not much interesting things out side my window except for there was another sister plane getting ready to take off as well.

Ground crews working

I believe there was one connecting flight somewhere before the last leg to Las Vegas. I saw the ground crews was working on luggage. I was glad that I did not have to worry my luggage for this flight that the crews had to work on. It was only few days trip and my belongings were with me.  I was delight that I was truly traveling light 🙂

Headed To Las Vegas - By the Window Seat

Looking out the window and anticipating… While I was keeping eyes on the views below I was also enjoying the view above – deep blue sky and the warm sunny afternoon.

Headed To Las Vegas - first sight of ground below

As anticipated, I had the first sight of an interesting ground terrain below.  It started to change from flat to mountain ridge.

Headed To Las Vegas - big patches of clouds

The ground terrain continued to change below. There were less trees on the ground now. There were also low patches of cloud covering the view.  I guess my luck was getting a bit weakening. I was hoping to get some clear views of the ground before the flight ended.

Headed To Las Vegas - an interesting ground view.

Finally, I got few clear views of the ground below and the view that I was hoping to see. The terrain was fascinating.  It made me think that I could be on Mar if there was not the river there.

Flight Over To Las Vegas - Another Ground View

This is another interesting view of the terrain that could get before the flight ended.

I hope you enjoy the flights over to Las Vegas with me.

A Morning Over Atlantic

It was a morning flight across Atlantic ocean from UK to US.  The Sun was already high in the sky but it was still giving its soft golden light over the clouds and the sea below.. I was sitting by the window seat watching this beautiful scene slowly passing by. I felt so refreshing and peaceful. The sight wiped out my sleepiness and tiredness from the trip.

Behind the wing

The cloud opened up to show the calm water below.

Over the open cloud

Nothing lasts forever, the show was ending.

Leaving the trail behind

I could not resist a cup of coffee to complete the morning.

A morning cup of coffee

I am not sure now what the rest of the flight was. I was probably picking up an easy Sudoku problem from the airline magazine to solve and finishing the coffee 🙂