Fun Inside A Restaurant

I often find restaurants as places that are intriguing. The restaurant owners usually want their places to have personality and delightful. I guess this probably holds true for any restaurants – expensive or ordinary (for everyone) ones. It can make you feel excited as taking a trip to a different place when you first step into one.

This is a local Japanese restaurant. It is rather small but the place makes me feel as if I am in Japan, in a Japanese people house (this is just my imagination as I have not been into a Japanese people house in Japan). I could not help to sneak few pictures as I am a tourist. It was fun.

A small local Japanese restaurant - private section

 I think is for more private or for you to really feel more at home. I really like the shoe rack and the coat hanger at the front.

Japanese paper lantern

The paper lantern style is used for light figure. A nice touch for the ordinary table.

Painting of a Japanese lady

Japanese painting on the wall.

Chopsticks - fun time

Food about to come – playing time stopped 🙂