Pink Azaleas

I saw few wonderful blogs about pictures with pink color in them for fun. I am not officially joining the weekly fun theme but they inspire me a bit to follow along with pink azalea pictures.

Azaleas are another spring flowers that you will hardly miss around where I live.  I would say most houses around here have them in the yards. Pink azaleas seem to be most common but they can come in white, blood red or other shades too.

Pink Azalea

Azaleas are not the early bloomer in spring and they are not the late bloomer either. At this time, the flowers already turned brown and are falling off.

Azalea peeking

Azalea has meany meanings depending culture. In China, azalea is a symbol of womanhood and the whole plant means “the thinking home” bush.

Azalea - symbol of womanhood.

I can relate to a symbol of womanhood very easily.  I think many people would agree with the symbol of womanhood especially the pink ones. Aren’t they pretty?

Azalea - closer.

I have a bit of trouble relating azalea to the “the thinking of home” meaning. The bush can be quite dense and could be trimmed into nice shapes. That could make good decorating plants around perimeter. I guess these characteristic of azalea make them suitable grown around houses as bushes. I guess the “the thinking of home” could make some sense this way.

Azalea - temperance

In the west, azalea represents temperance. This is also a very good meaning.  I quite like this meaning. The meaning that reminds you to take thing in moderation or to be self-restraint.  We can use good reminders from time to time from pink azaleas 🙂